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ANSS Member Networks - Northern California

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Earthquake monitoring in Northern California is multi-institutional effort. As part of the California Integrated Seismic Network, The USGS Menlo Park and the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory collaboration in the Northern California Management Center for earthquake monitoring.

The USGS Menlo Park operates the Northern California Seismic Network, an array of ~390 stations which are a mix of short-period seismometers with analog telemetry, digital strong-motion sites, and a few sites with broadband and strong motion sensors. The UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory operates the Berkeley Digital Seismic Network, an array of broadband seismometers and strong motion accelerometeres with digital telemetry to UC Berkeley. Together, the USGS and UC Berkeley provide earthquake data for a wide range of research topics and hazard-reduction activities.

In addition to these two networks, the California Department of Water Resources and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory both operate seismic networks for monitoring their critical facilities. Data from some of these sites is shared with the USGS Menlo Park.

In addition to these agencies, the California Geological Survey and the USGS National Strong Motion Program operate networks of strong motion instruments to record the "largest" earthquakes, with a strong focus on instrumenting buildings. Instruments are installed at selected buildings, bridges, and dams to provide engineering information on their response to shaking.

Rapid earthquake information from the USGS-UCB system and all the CISN partners are available on the Web.