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Quicklook Seismograms from the BDSN

Current Seismograms for Northern California
Click on an image to see the full-sized figure
BDM - Antioch, CA BKS - Berkeley, CA BRIB - Briones, CA
BDM seismogram BKS seismogram BRIB seismogram
BRK - Berkeley, CA CMB - Columbia, CA CVS - Sonoma, CA
BRK seismogram CMB seismogram CVS seismogram
FARB - Farallons, CA GASB - Alder Springs, CA HAST - Carmel Valley, CA
FARB seismogram GASB seismogram HAST seismogram
HATC - Hat Creek, CA HELL - Miramonte, CA HOPS - Hopland, CA
HATC seismogram HELL seismogram HOPS seismogram
HUMO - Hull Mt, OR JCC - Jacoby Creek, CA JRSC - Jasper Ridge, CA
HUMO seismogram JCC seismogram JRSC seismogram
KCC - Kaiser Creek, CA MCCM - Marconi Center, CA MHC - Mt Hamilton, CA
KCC seismogram MCCM seismogram MHC seismogram
MNRC - McLaughlin Mine Reserve, CA MOD - Modoc, CA ORV - Oroville, CA
MNRC seismogram MOD seismogram ORV seismogram
PACP - Pacheco Peak, CA PKD - Parkfield, CA RAMR - Ramage Ranch, CA
PACP seismogram PKD seismogram RAMR seismogram
SAO - Hollister, CA SUTB - Sutter Buttes, CA VAK - Berkeley, CA
SAO seismogram SUTB seismogram VAK seismogram
WDC - Whiskeytown Dam, CA WENL - Livermore, CA YBH - Yreka, CA
WDC seismogram WENL seismogram YBH seismogram

These gif files offer a quick-look at recent recordings of the BDSN and cooperation stations in USArray. These images are generated automatically every 10 minutes from the Make Your Own Seismogram tool and illustrate the last 24 hours of data from the vertical component seismometer at each station.

We have selected a subset of the stations from our network (see this map to find where the stations are located). We will change the stations from time to time, to reflect areas of activity as well as to avoid problems with telemetry outages. Each station is plotted with the same amplitude scaling, so comparisons between plots are possible (however, the data are not corrected for instrumental variations from station to station). Noise characteristics vary from site to site, and from day to day.

For comparison, you may be interested in viewing sample seismograms showing local, regional, and distant earthquakes.

If you want to see whether the wiggles on the seismogram correlate with recent earthquakes, you can check the maps of recent earthquakes hosted by the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab and the USGS. The long period nature of these records will emphasize large, distant earthquakes rather than small, local events. We hope to provide additional seismograms in the future which will show local events more clearly.

NOTE: If the station you select does not contain the last day of data, click "Reload" on your browser to get the current image.