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The NCEDC supports several different tools for accessing data. When you use data from the NCEDC, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.

This document describes the data collection by access tool. Other documents describe the data by contributing network and by type. Or see the summary of products for an overview of the entire holdings.

Earthquake catalogs
Online catalog searches
Earthquake catalogs for Northern California produced by the USGS and the Berkeley Seismological Lab may be searched using a Web interface. A global earthquake catalog produced from contributions from ANSS participants is also available.
Text files
Several catalogs at the NCEDC are only available as flat files

The Townley-Allen catalog is available only by FTP:

Waveform data
DART (Real-Time Data)
DART (Data Available in Real Time) is a buffer of real-time telemetry MiniSEED data that is accessible directly from the web or through data retrieval tools which will be available in near future.

SEED format data
Data from the BP (2001-present), BK, NC, NN, PB, SF, and UL networks are available in SEED format Several tools provide access to SEED format data at the NCEDC, both in terms of querying the archives and allowing data requests.

Help on using these tools is available.

Non-SEED format data
Data from the UG and older BP data are not currently available in SEED format. Other non-SEED data may be accessed through a research account

Raw data from the PBO strainmeters in the bottle (borehole strain meters or bsm) and ice9 (laser strainmeters or lsm) are available via the file system for your perusal.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
Continuous GPS data from the BARD network and from the USGS, as well as USGS survey data are available via anonymous FTP.
Coming soon!

Magnetic Activity and Shumann Resonance

Interferometric Synthetic Aperature Radar (InSAR)