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Global Positioning System (GPS) data

The NCEDC is home to archives of continuous and survey mode GPS data.

Continuous GPS

The NCEDC archives data from over 60 continuous GPS (CGPS) stations in northern and central California, including data from the Bay Area Regional Deformation (BARD) Network, the USGS, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The NCEDC also archives data from several NGS-CORS stations that have a history of archival here to the point that the NCEDC is the de facto source for these data to the geodetic community.

Survey Mode GPS

Suvery-mode GPS data collected in the western United States, primarily in northern California, are archived at the NCEDC. This includes a data set of over 6000 occupations collected in 1992-present by the USGS Menlo Park in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Alaska. Similar efforts are planned for other high-precision GPS datasets that have been collected by NGS, Caltrans, and other university, government, and commercial agencies.

When you use data from the NCEDC, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.