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NetDC - Networked Data Centers

Many different agencies collect and distribute seismic data around the world. In order to make it easier for users to access distributed data, IRIS, UC Berkeley, and GEOFON initiated the concept of "Networked Data Centers" or NetDC. The goal of NetDC is to provide users with uniform access to data distributed among many data centers. The NetDC project was initiated in 1996 and described in the Nov 1999 issue of the IRIS DMS Newsletter.

NetDC has been implemented at a number data centers worldwide:

NetDC is easy to use - a simple text request file emailed to ANY participating data center provides access to data and information at ALL. NetDC handles all the routing issues so that the user does not need to know where data resides. NetDC will either email the response back to the user or place the response in an anonymous ftp directory for retrieval. The routing table shows which networks are available through NetDC.

There are 3 types of NetDC requests: inventory, response or waveform data. Inventory requests allow queries about data holdings by data center, network, station, or channel. Response requests return detailed information about instrument response by channel. Data requests retrieve waveforms in the SEED format.

At this point in time, NetDC is not fully implemented at all participating data centers.

For more information about using NetDC and examples of requests, see the resources below: