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NetDC Waveform Request

The NCEDC offers a number of web services that provide improved functionality formerly served by the EVT_FAST, NETDC & STP systems. The NCEDC will shut down EVT_FAST, NETDC & STP on December 31, 2017: Read more on our NCEDC News page...

You may use this form to determine what digital waveforms (seismograms, electric and magnetic field data, USGS Low Frequency data, etc.) are available in SEED format from the NCEDC, and to generate and submit a request for data.

Before you proceed:

Select request type:
  1. Detailed listing of available stations and channels listed by time period at the NCEDC.
  2. Detailed listing of available data in NetDC format. You can save the output if you want to create your own NetDC email requests.
  3. Create a NetDC request to retrieve waveform data.

Select time period:

Start date,time

End date,time:

Output date format: Year/Month/Day Year.day_of_year

Select SEED Network, Station, Channel, and Location codes:





Additional information:
The following fields should be filled in only if you have selected "Create a NetDC request".

Full Name:


Email address:


Phone # (optional):

Fax # (optional):



When you use data from the NCEDC, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

We encourage you to contact us with questions,comments and feedback concerning the NCEDC. You can contact us via email at