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UNR Broadband Network

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The University of Nevada, Reno operates a regional seismic network, including 4 broadband stations. In 1999, UNR began working with the the NCEDC to archive the broadband data. At this point in time, continous waveform data from the HH channels (at 100 sps) are archived by the NCEDC.

Network Code

Station Information
The broadband stations consist of CMG-40 seismometers, recorded by RefTek digitizers with central timing. Continuous data at 100 sps is archived with channel names HHZ, HHN, and HHE.

Data Access
Waveform data from the NN broadband stations are available in SEED format. Several tools provide access to SEED format data at the NCEDC, both in terms of querying the archives and allowing data requests.

Help on using these tools is available.

The IRIS DMC also archives data from the UNR regional seismic network. This includes data from the short-period network as well as the broadband stations.